Custom Websites for Schools

Do you have a website for your school?
Is your current website sadly out-of-date?
Would you like a website but feel you don’t have the skills you need to create one?

Whatever your needs, I can help. I am a fully-qualified teacher who has worked in UK Primary and Middle schools. I can provide a complete solution for your school website needs, whether that means designing a new website from scratch or updating your existing site.

Why have a School Website?

An Online Prospectus
An advertisement for the school, detailing the educational environment and learning activities offered. Promoting all the great things your school does in a friendly, accessible format.

A Noticeboard
A regularly updated source of information for staff, parents and pupils. Everyone can be easily informed of term dates, upcoming events and school news.

A Tool for Professional Development
A way to share practical expertise with colleagues locally or world-wide. Plans, policies, links and resources can be stored online, available to your own staff or those in other schools.

A Resource for ICT Development
A practical application for the development of ICT skills. Children and staff can learn to use and add to the website.

What Can I Offer?

Individual Design
Unlike many web design services, I do not use templates. I will custom-design the site for your school.

Full Approval of Content
Nothing will be published to the web without your consent. You are always in control of the contents of your website.

After the initial website has been finished you will have all the information you need to continue developing it yourself. However, I can also offer;

Regular Maintenance and Support
A website is only effective if it runs smoothly and remains up-to-date. I am available on demand to assist with site updates and trouble-shooting.

I can work with your staff and pupils to teach them how to contribute to the website. I have an up-to-date CRB disclosure.

What will it cost?

Initial website design and set-up from only £795. This includes:

  • Design and publishing of website with 4 sections (see below for ideas).
  • Setting up 5 email addresses and configuring 1 computer in school to receive email
  • Documentation on how to add more email addresses and manage website

This will provide you with a great starter website for your school. For additional cost I can incorporate extra sections to create a more comprehensive site. For example see

I recommend that schools have their own accounts with an independent web-hosting company. This keeps costs down and offers more flexibility. I provide you with all the information you will need to do this.
Prices for hosting start from £4 plus VAT per month. This is all you need to pay once your website is up and running. This is in comparison to other companies that charge £150 per year for the same service!

Sections your new website could include:

  • Welcome
  • About us
  • News and newsletters
  • Term dates and diary
  • Meet the staff
  • Tour the school
  • Prospectus
  • Gallery
  • Class pages
  • Children’s work
  • Link to OFSTED report
  • Teachers
  • Governors
  • Clubs and teams
  • PTA
  • School council
  • Links to other websites