Is my house suitable for a sidespace extension?
Victorian and Edwardian properties, terraced or end of terrace with a side space, give you the best possibility of creating a fantastic new space. If you are extending alone you have the potential for a new wall up to 4 meters in height, however this will depend on the position of your wall in relation to your neighbour's windows and their right to light. If you happen to be in the enviable position of simultaneously extending adjacent sidespaces with your neighbour, you will be able to maximise the height of your extension creating a loftier interior space, save time at the planning stage and you could also save money.

How much money could we save?
About £5000 + VAT for each household on a joint build. Plus the cost of a Party Wall Surveyor, approximately £2600.

Will there be any further costs after your quotation for my build?

Sometimes during building work, pre-existing problems such as defective drainage, dry rot etc., are unearthed. These can not be forseen and are sometimes expensive to remedy. Without knowing what problems there are, we are unable to include them into our quote for your extension. We would however, inform you at the earliest opportunity of any initially unforseen costs which arise during the building work. It is prudent for you to set aside a contingency to cover these potential costs within your overall budget.

How do I know my extension will be structurally sound?

We will employ and include in our quote the cost of a fully qualified Chartered Structural Engineer for your project with whom we liase during the design process to meet building regulations. Your building work will also be overseen by the District Surveyor.
The Structural Engineer has their own personal indemnity insurance.

What Local Authority “rubber stamps” do I need?

Although your sidespace extension will not necessarily need planning consent we can apply for and receive Planning Permission for your peace of mind. There is also a speedier form of consent called Certificate of Lawfulness which can replace planning permission provided the extension falls within permittted development. We will guide you and cover the cost of this process which can take up to three months.
Throughout the project a building control officer will make regular visits to ensure that the work to your property is up to regulation standards. The cost of Building control will also be included in our quote. A Building Completion Certificate will be issued to you on completion of the work.

If I am extending by myself will I need a party wall surveyor?
Most kitchen extensions will require building foundations, sometimes in close proximity to your neighbour’s property. In such cases you will be required to secure a Party Wall Award with your neighbour which is administered by a Party Wall Surveyor. If your neighbouring house is divided into flats, you may need to get a separate Party Wall Award with each flat.

The Party Wall Act 1997 is designed to protect your neighbour and yourself from the possible negative consequences of building work. The Party Wall Surveyor makes a detailed record of your neighbour’s property before work takes place and agrees with them the terms of compensation if damage occurs to their property as a result of your work.

For reasons of impartiality, sidespace Ltd. cannot coordinate the Party Wall Surveyor. However we can recommend experienced Party Wall Surveyors who will administer your Party Wall Awards.

If I am extending jointly with my neighbour, what is the Party Wall process?
You will share a new party wall on the existing boundry between your two houses. This will support the new roofs and give good height, usually up to 4 meters. You may or may not decide to have a Party Wall agreement with your neighbour.The wall will be built to meet insulation and sound requirements.

Can I re-use my existing kitchen cabinets/worktops?
You may be able to if, for instance, they are free-standing and sturdily built. However, if they are of an insubstantial construction, which is the case with many “flat pack” kitchens, they probably will not go back into the new kitchen having once been removed. Reinstallation may make drawer and door closing less than satisfactory. It may be more cost effective to simply buy new units and worktops.

How long will it really take?
Each project is unique and so the time frames may vary. If design decisions are rapidly agreed and the works fall within permitted development then your project, from the first meeting with sidespace, to moving in to your kitchen, may be eight months. However all building work presents challenges and some projects take longer.

Why might I not be able to have underfloor heating?
The age, condition and capacity of your boiler is of primary importance. We can bring in a specialist to advise on suitability. Underfloor heating can only be used with certain floor coverings. We can advise and show you samples of these.